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Whether compliance monitoring directed by OH&S, or exercising due diligence and performing baseline monitoring to determine worker exposure, Empire Health & Safety has the knowledge and tools to get the job done. We have over a decade of experience performing occupational and area air monitoring within oil and gas worker camps, fabrication facilities, industrial paint shops, and hydroelectric dams, to name a few. Let us minimize the liability of your company while providing reliable information regarding air quality within your industrial setting ensuring the health of your workers isn’t being compromised!

Industrial hygiene relates to the identification and elimination or minimization of a variety of airborne contaminants generated within the workplace. We have extensive experience in monitoring the potential hazards within a variety of industrial settings. Whether performing baseline monitoring to establish potential contaminant concentrations, or compliance monitoring as a result of an order written by Occupational Health & Safety, Empire Health & Safety will help you protect your workers while exercising due diligence. We have access to the latest sampling equipment and have built solid relationships with accredited laboratories to ensure you get accurate, reliable information relating to airborne contaminants, ensuring the health of workers.


  • Personal air monitoring on workers to determine potential exposure
  • Area sampling to aid in determining potential migration patterns of contaminants
  • Provide conclusions and recommendations, including engineering, administrative and personal protective controls to ensure compliance and demonstrate due diligence


  • Personal and area sampling, including characterization of noise
  • Noise mapping of facilities
  • Provide conclusions and recommendations, including appropriate hearing protection to ensure compliance and demonstrate due diligence


What is the role of an industrial hygienist?

Industrial hygienists study, identify, and quantify occupational risks or pressures that might expose employees to chemicals, physical exertion, ergonomic hazards, or biological stresses that could result in illness, deteriorated health, or substantial pain.

Which 5 industrial hygiene types are there?

Industrial hygiene hazards, as well as the measures used to lower them, typically come in five basic forms: environmental, chemical, biological, physical, and ergonomic.

Why is industrial hygiene so important?

Industrial hygiene is crucial because it helps avoid workplace illnesses, accidents, and stresses that could have negative short- and long-term consequences on employees’ health and wellbeing. For instance, workers in a manufacturing can be exposed to dangerous chemicals.