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Empire Health & Safety is a premier air quality testing company located in Calgary, Alberta. If you feel as though there may be issues with the air quality at work or at home, give us a call. We can determine if the air quality meets industry-accepted legislation and guidelines. If not, we provide conclusions and recommendations that will aid in ensuring your air quality is optimal, and free of contaminants. Avoid the potential of long-term health issues associated with poor air quality and give us a call today for a no-obligation quote for our testing services.


During a typical indoor air quality assessment within a commercial space, we leave in place highly sensitive equipment that measure typical parameters associated with indoor air quality for a pre-determined amount of time. Then we analyze the data and compare the results to industry-accepted guidelines and legislation, and provide conclusions and recommendations based on what we find.

When we test the air for mold, we are able to determine what type of mold is in the air, and how much. Then we compare the results to industry-accepted criteria and provide conclusions and recommendations.

We perform air testing for asbestos fibres as per the NIOSH 7400 method. During asbestos removal projects, we monitor the work area, both inside and out, ensuring air quality meets legislative criteria. Upon completion of removal projects, we perform final air clearance monitoring to determine the work area meets air clearance criteria. Once this is successfully completed, we will issue Air Clearance Letters for the work area, a requirement for obtaining renovation/demolition permits.


Is it worthwhile to have your air quality tested?

An air quality test identifies your contaminants and explains how to get rid of them, whether you’re trying to maintain existing levels of air quality or actively work to enhance them. Air quality checks are essential for the respiratory security of your household.

What signs or symptoms point to poor air quality?

Watch out for these signs of poor air quality. You can avoid problems by recognising these symptoms.

  • coughing or breathing issues.
  • Allergic reactions or sneezing.
  • Irritation or dry skin.
  • Nausea or headaches.
  • Unable to fall asleep.
  • Buildup of dust.
  • Patches of heat and cold.
  • Odor is unpleasant.
Does poor air quality make you sick or fatigued?

Those who live in places with poor indoor air quality may experience symptoms including nausea, dizziness, headaches, dry throat, exhaustion, and eye discomfort. Sick building syndrome can have a wide range of disorders that share similar symptoms, making a diagnosis challenging.